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Training Plan Commissions

Training plan Commissions

Why Animals Do The Thing provides readers with assistance in creating training and behavioral modification plans for household pets through the services of The Candid Canine. 

This is the place to ask your behavior questions: how to encourage something you like, how to stop a behavior you don't like, or how to train something new! 

How it works:

Send us your information through the form below! Submission of that form is a request for a commission, not a contract. We'll respond to you by email to confirm the commission and let you know a price estimate. The training plan will be designed specifically for your animal and situation, and will be billed through Paypal - you receive the full document upon receipt of payment. 

Commissions are billed on an hourly rate, in 10 minute units. The base rate for simple training plans is $15.  Each of unit of time beyond the first 15 minutes is billed at $10. There is no tax on commissions. Most simple training plans should fall within the base rate - extended time price applies for commissions where more communication is needed, multiple behaviors are addressed, or complicated topics are covered. 

It's important to fill out the commission form below with as much detailed information as possible in order to allow a training plan to be created for you in as efficient (and cost-effective) a way as possible. Missing information requires another round of communication, which will affect the time spent and the cost of the commission.

Please make sure you include lots of detail on:

  • The behavior currently occurring
  • The behavior you'd like to see instead
  • The situations the behavior happens in
  • The environment and your dog's history as you think might be pertinent

Submit your information here to request a training commission tailored to your pet! 

Your Name *
Your Name

WADTT & The Candid Canine do not take commissions regarding aggression issues or bite cases. We reserve the right to refuse any commission and suggest the applicant seek the help of a professional in person. 



Base Price - $15

This cost covers a basic training plan write-up.

Rate by unit of time - $10/10 min

Time is billed by unit after the first 15 minutes.


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