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Captive Tiger Survey - Pilot Study Research Proposal

Counting Captive Big Cats in the United States

Pilot Study: Tiger Populations in Texas and Florida

After almost two years of independent research into captive big cat populations in the United States, I have developed a methodology that should make it possible to derive a truly accurate number of large felids within the country. I am currently seeking support and funding for a pilot study as proposed below, focusing on the states known to have the highest populations of captive big cats, with data collection to begin by early 2019. 


Thousands of captive tigers are rumored to exist in backyards and other private settings within the United States, with the highest concentrations in Texas and Florida, even though very little data exists to either confirm or disprove this claim. This study will expand on previous attempts to count the number of captive felids in the country by utilizing data sources outside the regulatory bodies tasked with tracking the existence of exotic wildlife. Information will be gathered from the relevant federal, state, and local agencies, as well as exotic animal management membership bodies. The disparate data sets generated will be cross-referenced to ensure accuracy and eliminate redundancy, with the goal of generating a comprehensive set of population data for all captive tigers in the United States. This study will be submitted for peer review to an academic journal upon completion. 

A full proposal for this pilot study is forthcoming.

Please watch this space, or use the form below to request updates.

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Rachel is an educator and animal science writer. With prior professional experience in zookeeping, visitor education, shelter behavior management, and more, she works to translate pertinent field-specific knowledge into comprehensive explanations about current animal related topics.