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Why Animals Do The Thing

Volcano Honey: Sweet and for the Sharks!

Rachel Garner

Like bees? Want to support small businesses, beekeepers, and great white sharks all the same time? Turns out you can! 

Shark Week is looming this summer - we’re already seeing posters for it - and with it comes the unavoidable anti-shark media and the damages to conservation efforts.

I was ecstatic to find out that one of my favorite honey companies has partnered with the Marine Science Conservation Institute and is donating 10% of profits from their classic Kiawe White Honey to great white shark conservation!  If you haven’t heard of white honey, it’s something I really recommend checking out in general - and now is a great time, because it contributes funding to a good cause at the worst point for it of the year. It also supports a small business that practices traditional honey collection methods


White honey is 99% pure monoflower honey that comes from the Kiave tree (a type of mesquite), and is produced by a single 1000 acre grove in Hawaii. The chemistry of white honey is unusual - it crystallizes to almost a caramel consistency and has to be collected from the hives by hand at just the right time. It’s got a beautiful white, waxy texture and a really delicate creamy flavor. It’s fantastic on basically everything and is a great substitute for frosting if you need to be dairy-free or vegan. 

They haven’t paid me anything to promote this, and they don’t know I’m doing it - this is really just because I think the product is amazing and it’s a double-whammy for being an educated consumer. Supporting beekeeping is important and great white shark conservation needs all the help it can get! Check out more information about white honey here, and if you’re into it, you can buy Great White Honey here (or ask your local independent groceries if they can stock it!).